Universally unique identifiers, or UUIDs, are a fun and exciting way to identify things. You can put them on anything! Use them to identify books, documents, parents, pets, bread, apples, very small rocks—the list goes on! But why stop there? We can keep issuing UUIDs for eternity and never run out. They're practically unique.

Join me on an adventure in search of the perfect identifier to find out why UUIDs might be good for your projects. Along the way, you'll learn what is a UUID, various types of UUIDs, newer versions of UUIDs being proposed, pros and cons of using UUIDs, how UUIDs relate to ULIDs, and how to use the ramsey/uuid library to generate all kinds of UUIDs. Advanced and little-known features of ramsey/uuid will be covered—as well as a few previews for what's coming next.


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So helpful! We use these all the time, but getting a deep dive into what is going on behind the curtain was really useful.

Yannick Voyer at 14:58 on 18 May 2023

Thank you, I learned a lot about each version.

Ryan Howe at 14:59 on 18 May 2023

First of all, Ben is very funny! So if you don’t stay for the knowledge you’ll stay for the comedy! I thought all uuids were the same, wow they are not. This was very interesting, thank you for all the info here!

Oscar Merida at 15:16 on 18 May 2023

Clear explanation of the maths behind UUIDS was useful to know about. Bonus points for the D&D slide. I would have liked to see more about the practical use of UUIDS

A much deeper dive than I expected and I loved it. Thanks for all these details!

My mind is blown by the amount of information about what UUIDs are and Ben made it so easy to follow along.

More information than I thought I required, but I’ve come away from this talk with a much deeper understanding of UUIDs #PutABirdOnIt

Eric Mann at 16:22 on 18 May 2023

More than I ever wanted to know about UUID formats, but understanding them has been critical to certain projects. I also learned about (partial) compatibility with ULID, which was a new concept in and of itself to me.

Went much deeper into UUIDs than I ever thought possible. Very insightful and interesting talk about all the intricacies of UUIDs. Great talk Ben!