As static and headless CMSes become more common and mainstream, it’s important to know how to build solutions for dynamic actions these sites make. Common examples are form submissions, site search, real-time updates, etc. How can you build dynamic solutions for static sites? Enter serverless functions and services! If you’ve built custom plugins or themes before and can use the command line you’ll feel right at home. Can I still benefit from serverless functions and services if I’ve running a CMS like WordPress or Drupal on a server? Absolutely! Anytime you can offload processing from your own server to someone else’s is going to improve user experience on your site. Takeaways: I will give everyone access to a Git repo they can use/reference as a starting point for this workshop. In this workshop, we'll cover: - What serverless functions and services are. - Establish a mental framework for when and why to create services. - Main players for our use case: Serverless Framework deploying to AWS, and Netlify Functions. (It would be great if they could create an account - Code-along to create several services for a static WordPress site, including creating your own webhook, “breaking news” service, and more. - Learn to deploy functions and services to different providers. - We’ll also look at the cost associated with these providers and how to evaluate projected costs.


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Mark Galeassi at 19:20 on 16 May 2023

Thank you for making the most of this 30 minute lightning talk!

Great information and presentation for a lightning talk. Thank you Nate!!

Frank Wallen at 19:30 on 22 May 2023

Thanks for fitting all that good info into a short period!