Setting up CI is probably on a list somewhere of something you want to do, but maybe have done yet. In this talk, I'll set up a CI using GitHub to run multiple jobs for checking lint and code style as well as running static analysis and tests. I'll also demonstrate how to cache dependencies for faster builds, and even export artifacts so you can use GitHub Actions to generate assets. Don't skip out if you're using another service like Bitbucket or GitLab. Everything I set up in this talk can be done within those services as well and I'll provide an example workflows at the end.


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Oscar Merida at 14:53 on 17 May 2023

How the examples built upon each other shown were helpful for understanding how github actions work. Jason's presentation was well paced and he's an engaging speaker.

This was such a practical look at how someone might step into the world of CI/CD. As usual, JMac is great.

Dana Luther at 09:09 on 18 May 2023

Great demo of how to work through using git hub actions in a real-world way.

Kyle Schatzle at 09:29 on 18 May 2023

The step by step explanations were incredible. Very good speaking, but more specifically a teacher. Great talk, thank you.

Great information. Thank you!