What do food service, music performance, teaching, and playing sports have to do with software development? They all require the “soft skills” we look for in a developer: empathy, focus, attention to detail, communication, problem solving, decision making, and more. This talk explores what we can learn from other industries, why we should hire career changers, and how our interests and hobbies outside of tech make us better developers.

Slides available here: https://tinyurl.com/3tapd53x


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Cori is super great and this talk was just so edifying. I am also a hobbyist and see "touching grass" as essential to both my mental and emotional health and to my value as a team member at my company. Really happy to see talks like this coming out of the PHP community. I have definitely seen people in workplaces who can check all the technical boxes but who lack the essential skills that Cori talked about, and being aware that these core skills are important and need to be nurtured and grown is really vital to building effective teams.

Inspired talk about why core skills and time away from work and programming is important. Loved it!

Such a relevant topic to speak on! Good energy in the presentation.

Loved this talk, one of my favorites. As a career changer, I identified with much of what was said. But even as a current IT professional I think so much of it is so important and not addressed enough. I wish this was a full length talk!

Alexis Aquino at 16:33 on 18 May 2023

Great insights on the importance of core and technical skills.

Good talk, made good arguments for the value of bringing core skills to the workplace, and why work life balance should be supported by employers.