Shell scripting is how you supercharge your terminal. This talk will take your command line skills to the next level. You'll learn shell scripting from a PHP develper perspective. What is POSIX, and do you need to worry about it? Join us as we explore proven techniques and powerful tools to help you become a master shell scripter. We'll review some real world code examples, so you can from them, and help you implement craft shell scripts in your own projects.

Key Takeaways

* Strategies for creating custom shell functions
* Use Logging and STDERR effectively
* Improve your dotfiles strucuture
* Practical tips and best practices for troubleshooting shell scripts


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John Boctor at 11:46 on 23 Apr 2024

This is an interesting topic with a lot of information packed into the talk. He starts by giving a lot of technical details. I would have liked more examples and had him linger a bit more about the details in the beginning. He gives a lot of "commands to know". I would have appreciated him explaining what those commands did. After that he goes into writing functions which was really helpful. Good talk, but would have liked it to be a little slower, narrower in scope and more in depth.

For a beginner-level course, it would have been helpful to have a little more baseline around basic terminology, particularly prompts ($PS1, $PS2, et al) at the start of the talk. Overall it was an enjoyable talk that, assuming you have the necessary background knowledge, helps fill in some gaps.

I agree with other comments that it was very technical and not a lot of commands were explained, but I really enjoyed the course because I didn't necessarily want everything explained in 50 minutes, I wanted exactly what was shown...a great 10000 foot overview of what shell scripting looks like and basics around the areas around it (functions, pitfalls, etc).

Eric Mann at 16:15 on 23 Apr 2024

Great high-level overview to scripting for absolute beginners. The talk dove right into technical overviews of specific commands without much preface, though, which could be a barrier for people getting started.

Pauline Vos at 17:05 on 23 Apr 2024

I personally enjoyed this because I do have some basic shell scripting experience already, but I think a complete beginner could miss some context here and there. I definitely learned new and nifty stuff I'll be applying very soon. One thing from the abstract I was missing is "what is POSIX", haha. But I can just google that :p Thanks for a great talk

This is a great topic to dive into. I would like to have seen more problems you solved with your framework. How your framework helped you overcome limitations with bash, or how you were able to leverage a part of bash because you have a framework. Great job overall I enjoyed listening to you talk about it, you have a lot of passion for the topic.