An introduction into the Programming of PHP 7 extensions - explaining the ZEND-API by example. The first part shows how to create a basic extension, argument parsing, return values and reflection support.The talk contains some C programming, but it is not a talk about C.


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Andreas Heigl at 07:33 on 17 Mar 2017

Thanks for a great explanation to the Macro-Language PHP is written in. Finding references to documented examples will make it easier for me to create a PHP-Extension now. And I'm pretty sure I will use the talk-slides as reference in future.

In my eyes a bit more structure and a "story" would make the talk even better.

Marco Pivetta at 08:26 on 17 Mar 2017

Brilliant research work!
The talk itself was quite mechanical and "heavy" on an evening crowd, but the produced materials and conveyed knowledge is invaluable! Amazing!

Great talk to get you started in developing your own PHP extension.
Nice examples including testing your extension.
And some nice PHP insights as well.

Good overview on how to write your first PHP extension.