Event Sourcing: the good, the bad and the complicated


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Marco really knows his stuff. He really blew my mind with an awesome talk about event sourcing.

David Manners at 09:10 on 20 May 2016

Very good talk about on very complex topic. I will not lie, parts (a lot) of the topic went over my head but the general idea and concept sunk in. I also loved how open Marco was about what was good, bad and ugly about building your application in this way.

Sascha Schuh at 12:02 on 20 May 2016

Good talk with many thought-provoking impulses.
The good, the bad and the ...

Marko's talk was great, as usual. Love the slides and it's a pity he can't really share them online. Even if you're not familiar with event sourcing concepts and do not plan to use that in your projects, it's always useful to try another angle for viewing the same problems.

P.S. The slides and the code shown in the presentation reveal some code management approaches I've never used before (don't really know why :) ) but am willing to adopt now.

Thanks Marko and keep up the great job!

Marco shared his really profound talk about event sourcing and gave a broad overview over the topic and how he uses it. Minor issues with the presentation couldn't hinder him to give us the whole nine yards of event sourcing.