time is an illusion


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Great talk about timezones and time, as well as interesting comments and examples for working with time in php and databases.
Andreas talks about facts and upcoming problems you never would think about when working with "simple" time. Excellent!

Marco Pivetta at 23:57 on 19 May 2016

I am now genuinely scared of date/time/timezones.

Would not like to see this again, but it was a very needed talk.

David Manners at 09:08 on 20 May 2016

So now I know how timezones came into being and how messed up they are. The only thing left to do is figure out how to kill them with fire.

We think we know how time works by watching our clocks or using timestamps but those insides which Andreas told in a very humorous and informative way were mindblowing. Very good talk and I really loved how Andreas went from general explanations about times to coding relevant time. Worth to listen even if you're not a PHP coder.

Sascha Schuh at 11:44 on 20 May 2016

Great talk about confusing time zone problems. Know I know that my home country has two time zones.

Totally agree with Marco: almost for any application on the web dates and time handling is always a pain, especially when your clients are all over the globe. Great talk!

I know way more about timezones and time that I ever wanted. It scares me and I hope I can sleep again in a week or two ;)
Andreas has deep knowledge about the topic and was able to share the oddities of human time measurement with us.