Tree-like structures are omnipresent throughout the web. Whether in the plain URL of a website, as navigation-menu or for board- or chatlogs. Even XML represents a tree-like structure. So why not store data in such a construct? In the Java-World there is the JCR named ContentRepository which stores data in a tree-like structure. The JCR has been ported to PHP as PHPCR. Using the Doctrine-Wrapper PHPCR-ODM it can be integrated into applications without hassle.

This talk will show how to effectively persist semi-structured content, dynamic routing or other hierarchically structured data.


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Good intro to the PCR and PHPCR "standard".

If you are doing content management stuff, this is definitely worth looking into.

PS: Took me a while to understand the "real problem" PHPCR is solving.

Sascha Schuh at 09:51 on 2 Jun 2017

Good talk

Brief introduction to JCR and PHPCR, also showed some code examples and compared different tree models. It was not totally obvious though why one should prefer a content repository over a "traditional" database. A more deep dive approach into the pros and cons would have been nice. Also, as with all "Let-me-show-you-something-new"-talks I think it needs a "when to NOT use this" section, or a lessons learned part.

The talk lacked a certain coherence in language and articulation.

Nevertheless, I you have never heard of content repositories before it offered an understandable overview of the topic.

Maximilian Berghoff (Speaker) at 08:36 on 8 Jun 2017

Finally i added my slides i used for the talk.

I am really happy to see so much constructive critics for my talk. Thanks a lot, i will use it it make the talk and my self better.