The type system and static code analysis can help to find bugs in our code at an early stage without writing explicit tests.

This talk will show you the tools to get you started as well as the requirements your code must meet to get the most out of static code analysis.


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Very beginner friendly, but not many tipps and tricks for advanced users.

Top Secret at 22:38 on 14 May 2020

An easy and fun to follow talk. Great and convincing advocate for ValueObjects.

Good introduction to SA tools. Lots of useful information and pragmatic advice. For legacy code I've never thought of running CI at a lower level then DEV.

I agree that SA tools can result in fewer tests required, although I'm not sure that your talk convinced me that to be the case.
Perhaps a different example would make a more compelling argument? I can't quite remember the example; if I recall there was a flag, if true the car would drive and if false the car would fly? I'd argue that test suite should cover both branches (and thus would find the bug). Maybe select a different example where even high coverage tests would still not uncover a bug?

Great talk all the same and I'm sure those who are not using SA will be tempted to try it tomorrow.