The project has grown enough that it requires refactoring, and extracting
pieces of it to be distributed to different machines and places. Of course
it should work like a well oiled mechanism, but it may not... at first.

For the last three years I have been building, maintaining and fighting a
few projects that make use of distributed computing, parallel processing,
message brokers, queues and workers. This is one of those "from the
trenches" talks, where I will regale you with tales about the series of
unfortunate events that may happen as your application grows in complexity.
Tales like disk space fluctuations, importance of logging, NoSql problems,
restructuring your order of execution in code for performance gains, short
sighted albeit logical architectural decisions that will cost you in the
long run.

Come hear about the agony you will experience when it starts falling apart,
and the thrill you will feel when everything is running juuust right.


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