Powerful & Flexible SQL Generation — without the Hassle


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I could listen to Matthew talk all day. He has a great way of presenting topics and comes across as generally a great guy.

The topic was very interesting and with a few tweaks to the format has the possibility of being a fantastic talk that should be welcome at any event.

I kind of missed Zend Sql in talks because ORMs got the spotlight, so this talk was kind of refreshing. I missed the mentioned Dbl though.

While the talk was quite interesting, and the speaker is very clearly explaining things, there are a few issues:

- the pace is a bit too slow
- discusses some SQL basics that are assumed to be known when listening to this talk (though I might have misunderstood that)
- doesn't cover the Zend\Db\Sql\Ddl component, which is half the fun (IMO)
- slides should be chunked into smaller bits to enhance audience focus

Slides from the talk now available.