In this session let me introduce you to Disco, a container-interop
compatible, annotation-based Dependency Injection container. Disco does
not use an external configuration file but uses a standard PHP class
with some meta data attached to configure your services. I will guide
you through the journey of setting up Disco for a new project as well as
highlighting its main features. Join me for a fun little ride to "DI
done right" land!


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Stephan knows how to dance on the stage.
A real good explanation of the bitExpert DI container which seems to be a great library.

Andreas Heigl at 23:27 on 17 Nov 2016

Awesome tool and a good introduction on how to use it. You need a profound knowledge of advanced PHP-Stuff to follow. It's not something I'd recommend for a beginner and I'd even say it's challenging for intermediate developers. For me it was good to follow and to understand "the Magic".