A complex ORM... faster than SQL?


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Thanks for the talk. Compact and very informative. I personally didn't need the Doctrine/ORM basics but it's fair to have it in there.

Once again a great presentation by Marco. Good content and great way of teaching it to the people.

Pretty good mixture of an Doctrine intro (useful to me) and some more advanced topics (L2 level cache). Content was presented in an entertaining way.

Nice overview of how to use and how not to use Doctrine. Interesting approach: Level 2 Cache - thinking about a use case in our applications now. Great slides! Impressive style of presentation!

Proficient and entertaining as always. This guy knows his stuff. Brilliant idea to use photos of whiteboard sketches as slides.

Great presentation, very insightful could make use of it already practically the next day - even not strictly in ORM context.