Extremely Defensive PHP


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Frank Kleine at 14:23 on 11 Nov 2016

Some interesting suggestions on how to shape your code and rules that might help you to achieve this. Clearly opinionated and I might not agree with all of them, but they are funded on experience. Therefore I liked that Marco specifically said that one should choose the rules which help best with the environment you find yourself in.

What I didn't like is that in-between it felt like a staccato of proposals which as a listener you can only take in but don't have enough time to process properly as the talk proceeds to the next one. As such, it is not suited for beginners, you need to have quite some experience to not get lost.

Claudio at 21:49 on 13 Nov 2016

A lot of approaches to improve code and possible ways to reduce underestimated sources for bugs in development.

This talk expects you to know your PHP versions well. Every part of the talk is made out of experience and shouldn't be considered as a set of rules. Because I made many of the same experiences while fixing forwarded projects, I can suggest this talk to those who are trying to improve their coding skills and want to know different approaches for their code quality.