time is an illusion


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Uwe Kleinmann at 10:46 on 11 Nov 2016

Good overview over quirks and history of timezones along with some usage examples in PHP. Talk was imho a bit on the long side for a user group with roughly an hour, although all parts were interesting and useful.

Frank Kleine at 14:02 on 11 Nov 2016

When you work with dates, times and timezones hearing this talk is a must. Great insight of why this is such a mess and how it should be handled so it doesn't become an even larger mess in your code.

Time wise it seemed a bit long too me. Maybe the introduction with history and basics should be more compressed, as in the end the PHP and databases part felt a bit rushed to stay within time.

Claudio at 21:35 on 13 Nov 2016

Finally got the chance to hear the whole talk. A long story of the timezones and a lot of tricky details are part of this talk, that is more than half a story and the rest of the time related to code and database. If you have to work with timezones, this talk is a good starting point for you.

It may be too long for those who want some quick facts about timezones or expect a "how to store timezone data", so be sure you really want to listen to all of the information Andreas has delivered in his talk.

Niklas Keller at 13:58 on 20 Nov 2016

Whether you think you work with timezones or not, you should hear this talk. It does not only cover how you should store time data, but also explains in depth why it's important to do so.