Backups are hard. Especially for heavily distributed systems. As we split our apps more and more into micro services, creating backups is no longer a single task nor in a single place. Instead, it involves data from different sources in different locations. This is where the PHP Backup Utility (phpbu) steps in to make your life easier. Besides the backup process itself, I will talk about the challenge of connecting the dev and the ops and a way to use your backups in your daily routine. All to make sure your data is ready to be restored in case of a disaster scenario.


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Marco Pivetta at 21:58 on 23 Feb 2017

Introduced a huge amount of knowledge about a vital tool: kudos for covering many of the edge-case scenarios in the presentation.

Solid presentation of a solid tool. Did not know about phpbu before, will definitely give it a try.

Claudio at 10:35 on 28 Feb 2017

A misleading title for an interesting backup tool. The phpbu project seems to cover many cases for backups for many parts of a project and there are still ways to improve it with new features, that can be implemented into phpbu source code or project-specific functionalities included in a bootstrap file.