Composer: The Right Way


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Not much to say other than a brilliant speaker / entertainer with very good content. Learned quite a few new things about Composer which I had not heard before.

Dots United at 09:33 on 15 Apr 2016

Great talk and session in english language by Rafael about Composer package manager!

Jan Sorgalla at 09:41 on 15 Apr 2016

Great talk, very well delivered with beautiful slides.

Frank Kleine at 10:15 on 15 Apr 2016

Enjoyed the talk very much, learned some new things about Composer I didn't know before, and was entertained at the same time. What more can you wish for in a talk about a technical topic?

Marco Menzel at 17:22 on 16 Apr 2016

Great talk, great slides.
Propably the best talk I've seen so far.