It's 2017 and times have changed – yet PHP is still most often associated with your average product catalogue or blogging platform. In this talk you will learn that PHP’s huge ecosystem has way more to offer and PHP is not inferior at all to its evil cousin Node.js.

You will learn about the core concepts of async PHP and why you too should care about ReactPHP being a real thing. The talk has a strong focus on sparking the idea that PHP can be way faster and more versatile than you probably thought. Bring along an open mind and through lots of examples and demos learn why what sounds crazy at first might soon be a valuable addition in your toolbox.


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Solid presentation, good balance between content and humor. Definitely bonus points for the live demos which seem to run smoothly every time I have seen this talk ;)

Frank Kleine at 10:59 on 27 Oct 2017

Good introduction to ReactPHP and the use cases it's good for. The demo gods were in a good mood, so the demos ran smoothly. :) Bonus points for allowing the audience to take part in the demos. I'd cut down on showing example code - only show one example more extensively, and show others only when the audience asks for it.

Niklas Keller at 12:06 on 27 Oct 2017

Unfortunately, I missed the first few minutes. I think it's definitely valuable insight for anyone who has not yet tried async PHP. It shows quite a lot of different demos and use cases, in my opinion a few too much. I think it would be better to have fewer demos, but instead look at one / some of them more in depth. I missed the downsides of long-running applications and how to deal with them, but maybe that was talked about in the first few minutes I missed.

I had heard of ReactPHP, but I always looked at it as a direct port from React.js, but apparently I was wrong. This presentation was filled with exceptional practical examples and the speaker used humor to have a good interaction with the audience. A big bonus was the live demo that also allowed the audience to participate where the true power of ReactPHP was shown.

Brilliant speaker, great content and entertaining demos. Well done!