On May 25, 2018 all companies collecting and processing data of people from within the European Union must comply to the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. In this talk we'll cover what the GDPR is and how it will impact businesses within the EU and abroad, what can be done to comply to this regulation and how to proceed further. This talk will not provide you legal answers, but will give you technology solutions that will make your applications compliant to these regulations. Even if you're not processing data from the EU, these solutions will offer you better protection to the data you currently keep and will ensure that in the case of a breach, the impact will be minimum.


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Very good presentation on the upcoming GDPR regulations. Good content structure, good flow of the talk. Even though the content can seem scary, I can absolutely recommend this presentation for user group meetups as well for conferences.

Frank Kleine at 11:04 on 27 Oct 2017

After hearing about GDPR from a business perspective earlier the week it was great to hear a developer's perspective on that topic. Ran a bit long but there's a lot of things to talk about within that topic, so I'm unsure of what could be left away. If you haven't heard about GDPR yet or what this means for your work this is a must-see talk!

Niklas Keller at 11:52 on 27 Oct 2017

Very good presentation, especially the questions to the audience that make people actually think. Quite a bit longer than expected, but that didn't do any harm. I can only recommend to see this talk rather sooner than later, because you might have to change quite a lot of things.