PEAR2 & Pyrus, the Look Ahead


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The talk sort of got bogged down at a couple of points as some of the "bad PEAR1 fu" points evolved into discussions about PEAR1. This ultimately left little time for the actual PEAR2 topics to be covered.

Next time, should probably spend less time dwelling on PEAR1 issues... I concede they help demonstrate some issues that PEAR2 plans to address, but perhaps restructure the slides such that each begins with a "PEAR2 item" that shows "it does this {foo} task" that leads to "it addresses issue {bar} that we learned from PEAR1". That way, there's PEAR2 info all throughout the talk, with just small hits of "bad PEAR1 fu" peppered here and there. By lumping all the PEAR1 issues at the front, I was feeling slightly depressed at the midpoint of the talk ;-P