The Future is Not Yet Widely Distributed (intro to Git)


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Nice intro to Git, excellently tailored to existing CVS and Subversion users. Liked that the speaker had simple visuals and didn't read bullet points off the slides. Trying to grok rebase still hurts my head, though. :P

While I think the content is great, I felt it was more of a howto session as opposed to an overview. It felt like you were trying to tell us how to do it and then why it might be useful. I would have liked to have seen things flipped around: "Here's *why* you would do this and why it's so valuable and here's a quick way to do it."

Regardless, the content was good and accurate, just not exactly what I was expecting.

Good overview. Nice talk style. But the reason I attended was to see what all the fuss was about. What the *real* differentiator between SVN and git was. Either I missed it or it wasn't apparent. For example, git is supposed to make branching easier, but I didn't see *how* it does. Was not so interested in basic VCS concepts and git syntax.