Building Themes: A Primer for WordPress


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David went at a very manageable pace. I was a bit behind the curve and received assistance from David and the conference assistant. I got caught up quickly and the talk made a great deal of sense. I feel like this would make a great full day, or multi-day, workshop.

David did a great job of demystifying the process of theme development. Because this was a PHP workshop, we only focused on the back end side of theming. Further, time constraints forced a focus on building a child theme (which is probably best practice for those not experienced in WordPress theme development). Perhaps a full day would give us the opportunity to workshop, which would have been even more benficial

Anonymous at 14:22 on 18 Nov 2015

The speaker switched alot between a live view, repository view, and slide view. I found this hard to follow.

This was great talk, I learned what each thing that I have been "cutting and pasting", how it actually works now. I feel more like I can start to write more of my own code for WordPress, rather than looking for code snippets. Having each step in his tutorial as a git comment made it very easy to follow along.