Caching on the Bleeding Edge


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A great in-depth talk on caching, it's history, theories, and implementations.

Anonymous at 17:27 on 19 Nov 2015

As always very thorough and well informed. I learned a ton.

Anonymous at 17:36 on 19 Nov 2015

Very good talk! One of my favorites of this conference. Lots of great ideas and things I can go home and work on.

Another great talk (about a completely different subject) by Samantha. I learned quite a bit about caching. Again, you're a great speaker.

Fantastic talk. I especially liked the history of caching.

Great talk, very informative

One of the best talks I attended at the conference. Loved the speaker's style. The history was great for those of us who came by programming organically (no CS degree) and yet she somehow still got into some good current-day advice.