Culture of Respect


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Anonymous at 15:54 on 19 Nov 2015

Amazing talk about building a strong developer culture.

One of the best talks I've seen.

Listening to Cal was a joy. He is so very engaging. He said he had thrown the talk together at the last minute, but it was well done (despite the simplistic slides ;) and very informative. He shared methods that would make me want to work with any company that used them. I just wish I was in a position to put the knowledge he shared to work.


Im in the in-between of lead, senior developer and manager at the company I started several years ago. I've struggled to create a great developer culture, and my President/CEO isn't helping any.. it's really up to me.

Your talk was inspirational to me. I downloaded your book (that you SO much!) and I'm already half way through it! I look forward to implementing some of the strategies you describe and checking back in 6 months from now to share my experiences trying out your methodology in my own little fish bowl.

Thank you *so much* for stepping in for this talk when the original speaker couldn't; most valuable talk I've been to at any conference... pretty good considering you didn't think you even had 10 minutes of content. You nailed it.