Hello, PSR-7.


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This was a highly-informative on PSR-7, it's goals, implementation, and history. PSR-7 doesn't seem so radical and scary now.

Great talk that gave both the context of PSR7 and some of the implementations. I like that Beau covered a variety of implementations, and some of the gotchas around Streams.

I'm still struggling with understanding PSR-7, but not because of this talk. Beau did a great job explaining PSR-7, the details therein, and helping me understand exactly what I need to know to make PSR-7 work. Implementation is another layer, and that's the hard part, but this talk is a prerequisite for even giving implementation a chance.

Very informative with just the right amount of back-story. I liked that the speaker included some details about full vs. partial implementations of PSR-7. Between that and the PHP-FIG overview of Larry Garfield I feel a much greater understanding now of the group and their goals.