HTTPS is Coming: Are You Prepared?


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Zack did an excellent job covering the concepts of TLS and secure connections. He used practical examples, and covered a great amount of material in the time that was available. I feel much more grounded in HTTPS and what it means to use it practically.

We were able to follow along for a portion of it, and it would have been great to do more, but I'm sure that will come after Let's Encrypt goes into public beta. It would be neat to run a VM and set up everything up on that. Regardless, we saw the setup in process, and it was a very good talk. I am very glad that I attended.

Great speaker, great content. A lot of information presented well. Zack obviously knew his stuff and was able to convey his point in an easy to understand manner. Exceeded my expectations

Anonymous at 11:25 on 19 Nov 2015

Excellent presentation, very engaging. Glad that this was recorded. I'm sure I will learn as much the second time through.