A Year with the U.S. Digital Service


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Anonymous at 13:50 on 18 Nov 2015

Interesting talk. It might have been nice to see some slides because it was a little difficult to understand at times (mainly due to the sound system and the size of the room).

This was a very interesting talk. The sound was too quiet, but I was still able to hear/understand. I certainly enjoyed it.

Anonymous at 17:48 on 18 Nov 2015

Anonymous at 01:58 on 19 Nov 2015

I really enjoyed the talk. Andrew is a very articulate speaker. But I agree, slides would have been nice.

I really appreciated the background stories and practical applications of the lessons learned while building big systems. The approach of going slideless was unique and helped the audience focus on the stories being told rather than bullets on a screen.

No slides, poor sound.

Very interesting talk. I appreciated the unique perspective that the stories were told from due to his involvement with the U.S. Digital Service and years spent contributing to WordPress.

Anonymous at 06:37 on 23 Nov 2015

Interesting talk. Having served in the military, I have kept an ear open for discussions relating to how the gov't handles such issues now. With the process now leading toward independent contract work rather than actual gov't employment, I have lost some interest. It seems that rather than change it's methodology, they have added the step of 'save the project with independent contracts once it has totally bitten the dust' added to their workflow.