Laravel - Lessons Learned


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Anonymous at 16:22 on 19 Nov 2015

Taylor gave a good talk. He clearly has a lot of experience in managing an popular open source project (of course) and shared about *all* of it, the good and bad. I liked his specific examples and his laboriously drawn images (yes, stock art *is* expensive). I also thought the IRC conversations and their presentation was a great idea and came off well.

Great keynote! Loved the insight into ways to think about a project from the start and strategies for dealing with a community that is very opinionated about opinions. I especially appreciated his comment at the end about respecting projects that have goals that are different from your own, and the concept of Dream Driven Development as a thing. The only thing I did not like was the slide with the coder and the word 'programming' flashing at the top of the screen. The image was funny, but had a hard time dealing with the quickly flashing text.

Great talk. i appreciated the insight into some of the history of Laravel