Leading an Open-Source Project


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Fantastic talk!

I enjoyed your talk quite a bit and it resonated with my experiences in open source as well. I found some of your slides were pretty text heavy. I found the slides with fewer points on them, less distracting.

Anonymous at 01:59 on 19 Nov 2015

Sherrie Rohde at 10:34 on 19 Nov 2015

I really loved Tessa's points dealing with conflict and resolution and reminders to focus on respect. The talk did feel like it could be slightly more focused but overall I found it beneficial.

The parts of the talk highlighting conflict resolution, codes of conduct (both for events _and_ for organizations in general) and working with the community were fantastic!

I enjoyed Tessa's talk. She seemed a bit timid at times, though. At other times she was spot on. I found the inconsistencies in the slides (formatting, amount of content) distracting, though they were generally informative.

While informative I felt the theme of cooperating with others was used far too much.

I really enjoyed this talk! Lots of good reminders about seeing things from other people's perspectives and getting important information and feedback even when the presentation of that information was not delivered in the best way.

Anonymous at 08:23 on 23 Nov 2015

This was a great keynote. I have always wondered how people overcame the inherent flaws in communicating via electronic means when the content was emotionally charged. Many of the devs I know take the comments about their code personally and can, on occasion, rage about what they consider 'proper coding' and 'required' elements. As I get better as a developer, I have wondered how open-source managers try to digitally herd cats and solve interpersonal issues.