Magento 101: Getting Started with Magento Development


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Run through was very rushed. This talk would work a lot better as a tutorial or maybe even a full day training. But even so I managed to take a few notes and learn things. I did come in from never really having used Magento at all.

Speaker had grabbed the wrong slide deck and had to wing the last portion of the talk.

Even with that flaw, Mathew was very knowledgeable and able to continue his talk without several of his planned slides.

Sherrie Rohde at 10:27 on 19 Nov 2015

Mathew is very obviously comfortable on stage and was able to adapt and continue even when realizing he had brought an older version of his slides and was missing some information. There was a LOT of information in a very short time, but provided in a way developers could decide what to expect if they wanted to get started in Magento and, if so, where to look for resources.