PHP7 and Beyond: The Future of PHP


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Anonymous at 12:19 on 20 Nov 2015

Great keynote, very motivating session.
The speaker did a great work preparing this talk.

Jesse Maxwell at 16:18 on 20 Nov 2015

Anthony wrapped up the conference in a tremendous way. It so great to leave a conference (regardless of one's current abilities) with the understanding of how all of us have come together to build the community. He had a polished speaking style and was very easy to understand.

6 stars.

What an inspiring talk! I hope all the communities related to PHP take up his suggestions...we're all in this together. As Cal Evans said, if you weren't there, watch the recording. If you were, watch it again :)

This was a perfect wrap up for the week. Thank you Anthony!

Inspiring and energizing end to an inspiring and energizing conference!

Sherrie Rohde at 22:06 on 21 Nov 2015

I really enjoyed how Anthony went through the pillars of the PHP world and encouraged everyone to step up in contribute in whatever way is right for them. He was very confident on stage and his slides were easy to understand.

Absolutely fantastic - hands down the best keynote speaker. The talk was very motivating to continue involvement in the community and realistic in the addressing of different opinions. The portion of having the audience stand and then identifying contributions from those who hadn't was particularly touching. While I recall the speaker using it as a way to jump into organizing communities - I really also saw it as an anti-imposter syndrome exercise as well - kind of a way to show that all contributions matter regardless of whether you *think* it is worth noting.

Anonymous at 08:09 on 23 Nov 2015

Would have been a great kickoff presentation!