The Art of Programming


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Thank you for giving this talk!

Really good talk. Arguments were presented well. Unicorns!

This went really well. I was a bit reluctant at first, but the premises laid down my Ms. Heidi were both easily understandable and applicable to her argument. Made me think about programming in a slightly different light, but I would really like to have a much deeper discussion about just to what extent this is 'workable' with projects that span long periods of time and multiple developers.

Great talk. I have long thought that programming is equal parts art and science. Erika presented the concept in a very digestible and methodical way.

Anonymous at 10:04 on 20 Nov 2015

Great talk!

Very good talk. It was fun to hear your story and insights into programming, art and development. And the art on the slides was quite enjoyable as well. Thank you.

Main takeaway: "Ride that f*cking unicorn!" Sure sign of a successful talk. * edited for family friendliness and content filters ;)

Sherrie Rohde at 22:02 on 21 Nov 2015

I really enjoyed Erika's talk. Her content and slides were easy to understand and full of some pretty great quotes. Erika seemed very confident giving her presentation.

She's right. Programming does have more in common with Art than math! I enjoyed her speaking style. This talk was thought provoking and enjoyable.