Web Security Training


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Anonymous at 17:02 on 16 Nov 2015

Good session.

Anonymous at 17:02 on 16 Nov 2015

Good session.

Anonymous at 19:33 on 16 Nov 2015

This was a good course for someone new to PHP and sec. I unfortunately had to leave class after lunch to deal with a work emergency. I wish I could have stayed for the entire class.

Ben Chrisman at 21:39 on 17 Nov 2015

Great talk, loved the security topics - felt like the most common security issues could have been addressed in more detail, but I understand a talk like this could have easily taken 3 days. Great job Chris!

I really don't have anything to add for feedback. I did know a lot of the topics already, but I also expected that going on.

Good session, great overview of security concepts and demos. Interesting and engaging.

Good training session, was more oriented for beginner level but I think even advanced users probably learned one or two new things.

Anonymous at 11:23 on 19 Nov 2015

Very good overview & well presented.

Entertaining session, good speaker.
The topics were basic and most of them are cared for the modern frameworks.

Very good session. Lots of practical examples and info I can take back with me and start using right away. Thanks!

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Anonymous at 17:34 on 7 Dec 2015

This session was presented in an organized, easy to follow way. Chris did a good job of communication, speaking clearly and professionally e.g. no pauses, repetitive words or half finished sentences. That kept my attention. Yes this is a huge topic, but this material was a great beginning to being aware of security best practices and common attacks. I like having the opportunity to code for a bit to get a feel for how to prevent potential security issues.