An Intro to Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets (SASS)


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David was a great speaker and the material (being an actual training course) was well developed and refined. There were some minor typos, but it was a great introduction and walkthrough. The only tweak I would recommend is to try and make the labs produce a visual change (rather than just not producing errors) to see things actually happening. It should be noted that this course does not cover how to design a front-end, just how to write the code to implement it.

David did an excellent job, this will be very careful useful in my WP theme.

Andy Snell at 17:48 on 19 Nov 2016

Excellent training day course! David is a excellent speaker and did a great job of keeping us interested and involved through the day. The combination of the printed book, the lecture, and the code labs really helped to reinforce the material. Having the labs structured completely independent of each other made it easy to keep up, especially if something went wrong early on. It might have been a bit more helpful for the labs to make changes to the base code.

One major recommendation: the course should have required a standard Vagrant box, instead of the local XAMPP + Ruby + Compass installation. It would have helped some of the participants with various systems to have that uniform, virtual environment, instead of struggling with versions, local paths and environmental variables.