Console Apps: PHP Artisan forthe:win


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Evan Fribourg at 12:26 on 17 Nov 2016

Started off with a introductory overview of the benefits that Laravel provides on top of the Symfony Console command, and then slowly worked up to really great uses for console commands and how they can benefit your workflow. Really well designed talk and very useful.

Kebing Yu at 16:18 on 17 Nov 2016

I thought I know artisan command... Love the explanation with demo code

Gary Hockin at 11:46 on 18 Nov 2016

Very enjoyable and interesting. Joe speaks with passion and knowledge and this was a really useful primer on writing your own console commands in Laravel.

Though the first part was not so interesting for me - I work with Artisan commands a lot - I still appreciated the clear way how you explained al the basic options. The beginners in the room could not have got a better introduction to Artisan commands.

The second part where you presented uses cases was highly interesting. Plus points for the relaxed way you come across as a speaker and the enthusiastic way you approached the subject. Imho this talk could be given at a Laracon as well.