Cruft to Class: NPR's 15-year Journey with PHP


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Great job reviewing the history of PHP with NPR. It was very nice to hear that the journey was similar for most of us. I would recommend that in the future you have background music and possibly stage fireworks at each transition... but you both did a great job presenting the information.

Ryan Ballard at 12:25 on 17 Nov 2016

I really enjoyed this talk about the history of PHP and NPR. The 7 strategies was great info and though we follow some, I will be going back to share with my development group all of these strategies and a suggestions to implement them all.

Colin O'Dell at 11:12 on 18 Nov 2016

It was really interesting to hear the history of how NPR has evolved their digital platforms over time with PHP.

Great presentation. I thought the history part of the presentation was a little bit dry. However, I really liked the 7 strategies portion of the talk a lot more. I would have liked to learn more about the challenges of implementing those 7 strategies in a larger organization like NPR. Great Job!

cm at 11:14 on 23 Nov 2016

This was an insightful look at the evolving development practices at NPR.