Drupal 8 Entity API



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Was interesting and useful information. I wish the text on the slides was larger!

cm at 11:23 on 23 Nov 2016

This was a decent talk on an important topic for Drupal programmers. Its scope could be expanded without losing people. Some suggestions:

* An overview of the entity concept in general, other examples of entity systems, and Drupal's implementation. To wit: what's the point of entities?
* Comparing content entities vs configuration entities.
* What "things" are entities in Drupal.
* Talking about the Entity class inheritance tree, and the common functions and properties of entities.
* Using core entities, like Node and User.
* Creating a configuration entity in a module.
* Creating a content entity in a module.
* Less focus on the entity annotations, except to point out that this is how entities are configured.

We look forward to hearing more!