Overview of the most important changes introduced with PHP 7.
We’ve all heard that PHP 7 is fabulous: faster than any previous PHP version and even HHVM, plus some nifty new functionality and much better exception management.
But what do we need to do to make our code compatible with PHP 7? What will break and how do we avoid this?


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Chris at 11:05 on 16 Nov 2016

Very thorough talk of all changes and guidance to provide backwards & forwards compatibility

Very through and thoughtful

Very well articulated talk. Learned a lot about the future of PHP7 and the challenges of migrating to it while still having backwards compatibility.

Andy Snell at 18:17 on 19 Nov 2016

Great talk, but it would have been nice to see some of the changes/additions mentioned in more depth with examples. PHP 7 added new syntax and operators, which were mentioned in passing but not shown.

Chris at 15:15 on 22 Nov 2016

Excellent discussion on PHP 7, learned a lot!