File Level Manipulation in PHP


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The abstract seemed interested, but the actual talk seemed to be more about taking the "Zend Certification". In the end, too many digressions led.

Ryan Ballard at 14:31 on 16 Nov 2016

I felt that this talk should have been a beginner level and not and intermediate.

Beginner level

Was very beginner and very poorly executed. Never should the speaker say that the topic of his talk is out of date and that the only reason he was there was to get in the conference.

Andy Snell at 18:38 on 19 Nov 2016

This talk was really a disappointment. The abstract was appealing and listed the talk at the intermediate level. As someone who uses PHP to manipulate files frequently, I had hoped to learn something new; however, this wasn't even at the beginner level. Showing a list of built-in functions on a slide does not a talk make. The single example only did the most basic of file functions -- open, lock, write, and close, without any real explanation. Nothing was said about dealing with files in an object oriented manner, dealing with csv, handling files as streams, or anything else that would be considered "intermediate".

And as another commenter mentioned, speaker said he only submitted the talk to get the speaker package for the conference. It showed.

Jay at 11:52 on 21 Nov 2016

It was very beginner-level and felt more like a solicitation for Zend Certification. The main nugget i got out of it was that File Level Manipulation is on the ZCE test.