Open Source for a Successful Business


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Very good interpretation of the open source community for businesses. And a good case for supporting open source.

As usual, I enjoyed Michaelangelo's presentation style.

For the php[world] folks, the "teleprompter" made the keynote more engaging than having a laptop on a podium.

Steven Smith at 10:10 on 16 Nov 2016

Very insightful into open source community and contributing, has me consider doing more open source contributions

Good info, maybe the subject gets done a little too often though. I have seen 3 keynotes this year that were based on the same topic. But this is a slightly unique case since not all the attendees here would necessarily be at multiple conferences. Mic was too close to your mouth, we could hear you breathing. Great slides though and great content over all.

Sean Prunka at 12:14 on 16 Nov 2016

Michelangelo was, as always, a great motivational speaker. I do agree that the microphone was a bit too close and caused a few minor audio issues.

Excellent talk on open source and community from a business perspective. It's great to see how open source is helping people excel at their jobs and make a living off of it, and how people can give back.

While the talk may not have introduced any groundbreaking concepts, it was still a great call-to-arms for businesses looking to leverage open-source software in their business.

An excellent, well paced talk about the benefits on contributing to open source. Hopefully this will have nudged some people to start contributing. Imho every developer should hear the message Michelangelo was bringing.