Rest API Workshop


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cm at 09:14 on 16 Nov 2016

This was a comprehensive overview of all things REST with practical tips and a workshop.

Ken S at 11:05 on 16 Nov 2016

Mike did an awesome job with a REST overview, and really drove home the importance of building stable, clean and impactful APIs, very impressed. The book is going to come in handy when digging into the principles and concepts presented, and while the Mulesoft angle felt a bit forced, it's clear there's value in using it. Great training!

Andy Snell at 18:08 on 19 Nov 2016

Great talk! I really enjoyed Mike's presentation and knowledge of RESTful APIs. The role of Mulesoft and the purpose of the account he had us setup wasn't clear at first.

Great speaker, handles the subject very well. Good info.

Timothy Wang at 10:46 on 22 Nov 2016

This was more of a talk than a workshop. In my opinion, spent too much time going over the basics like "What is an API?". I feel like most people would go into an API workshop expecting to build a fully functional API. We did spend some time designing a basic API, but it was mostly a demo of what Mulesoft's API platform could do. Still, I found the demo portion helpful, but I would've liked to see more examples with a more complex data model. I would've liked to see how to handle many to many relationships using HATEOAS. Also, maybe have a section where we go over common API design problems.

In summary, I feel like this training session/workshop would've been much better if we had cut down on the presentation and spent more time coding/designing.