Shipped is Better than Perfect


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Todd Brock at 21:34 on 17 Nov 2016

Nice thought provoking talk about the balance between perfect code and production code.

Colin O'Dell at 11:05 on 18 Nov 2016

Shipped vs perfected is something I struggle with daily. Graham did a great job explaining why "shipped" is so important and how to get there without racking up tons of technical debt or unnecessary extras that need to be managed.

Sean Prunka at 13:52 on 21 Nov 2016

I really needed this talk. I try too hard to plan for the future of a code base, without looking for the "MVP". This talk really helped solidify the fact that "perfect never ships". Thank you Graham!

I really enjoyed this presentation. Fad based development can really be a problem (Command Bus example was great) and new developers think they need something complicated to be "professional". The presentation used a side project but I felt like the rules & needs when implementing a side project might be a little different than implementing an application a business is going to rely on. On the positive side, I don't necessarily apply YAGNI to code and infrastructure as I do features, but Graham made a great case for keeping it simple. I don't think I've ever had the problem of being a perfectionist otherwise I probably would have rated this talk a 5/5. Thank you & great job!