Stuck in Legacy Land? Get Unstuck!


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This would have been an okay hour long talk, but needed additional development and content for a tutorial session. It also included quite a bit on setting up a local VM, which I feel is outside the scope presented in the talk description. As a speaker and presenter, Sean did great.

Ken S at 11:01 on 16 Nov 2016

As someone with a large legacy code base, I was expecting in-depth examples on how to go through the motions when converting/refactoring legacy code, what to watch out for, common pitfalls, all backed up by code and walk-throughs. Instead, things were just mentioned and not inspected too in-depth. Sean admitted he wasn't as prepared as he could've been for this, and it showed, unfortunately. It's clear he's a great speaker and capable and knowledgeable, but for a 3.5 hr training, I didn't extract much value from this at all.

Sean Prunka (Speaker) at 11:54 on 16 Nov 2016

Thank you both for the feedback. I apologize for not being as ready as I should have been and not as ready as I wanted to be. I definitely agree with your assessment. Before I give this again, (if ever) I will be more prepared, with sample code and activities.

Additionally, I will consider submitting to other conferences as a regular session instead.