When (and When Not) To Use WP-API for WordPress


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Anonymous at 10:36 on 16 Nov 2016

Great information. A fair bit of information / knowledge was assumed about REST API use. Maybe give 2 to 3 minutes on what a REST API looks like in general terms. Also, you were speaking too fast for (at least) me to follow along. The website example with link to your blog post was a great idea, maybe some real examples on that site would also be good to see what this can be used for or is all about. You never left the podium, try to move around the room a little to engage the audience a little more as well. Also, you read out your information a little too much which indicates that you did not know your material well enough, or maybe you were a little nervous or maybe a little of both. A laser pointer and remote slide navigator tool would also help. The construction noise behind you also didn't help, but of course that was not your fault at all. At least you did not react to it or look bothered by it - so that was great ... over all good job !

Jay at 10:54 on 16 Nov 2016

insightful and informative.