So you know how to add indexes to speed queries and maybe can use EXPLAIN. But why do your queries still stink? This session covers how the MySQL Optimizer looks at your SQL statements, where it has to throw up its hands in frustration, and how to tame it. Plus, there are some minor data architecture tweaks you need to know.

Slides at but the demos are only in the presentation.


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Dan Fey at 10:58 on 16 Nov 2017

Great talk with showing examples of explain plans and query costs to help improve query performance. I also liked seeing the new MySQL shell and document store functionality.

Ryan Howe at 11:30 on 16 Nov 2017

Really enjoyed the presentation, this is a difficult topic to try and cover and i thought that you did a great job getting the high level point out there. As you said, this is a topic that should take weeks to cover properly and one that many DBAs never master. Thank you for the presentation!

MySQL query optimization can often be a rather dry topic, but Dave's great at giving real-world examples. The talk got a little deeper than I'd expect to see at a PHP conference (though it *is* an advanced talk), and could probably be made more approachable if it leaned more heavily on a"here are two ways to query this hypothetical data, and why the engine can handle this one more efficiently" approach.