The original CRAY-1 supercomputer was a 5-ton monster with just 8 MB of main memory, yet programming it can be a fun way to explore subtleties of PHP coding. In this talk, we indulge in programming “big iron” on “bare metal.” We’ll look at CRAY-1 hardware instructions with the aim of understanding logic operations, Boolean algebra, and octal arithmetic. As a Cray Research veteran, I’ve carried CRAY-1 logic design to both MySQL table design and PHP coding. After this talk, you will as well.


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Fun talk discussing some core concepts that often get overlooked. It was very interesting to learn how the CRAY-1 worked. Great enthusiasm, audience participation, and insights give. I highly recommend attending this talk if given again!

I like the material shared, the examples, and to know about the past too, the differences between the cray-1 hardware functionalities agains PHP functions. Also, it's evident that Ed enjoys giving this talk more than anyone else, he puts passion on it.