In this workshop, we will start by learning how to build a strong ubiquitous language with stakeholders. Then, we will learn the benefits of encapsulating business logic in value objects using test-driven development. Next, we will move on to using bounded contexts, entities, and aggregate roots to manage state and protect invariants. We will also cover more advanced topics in the DDD world, such as event sourcing and command query responsibility segregation. No prior knowledge of domain-driven design required.


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Clear and insightful presentation. Examples were interesting and tied in well to the subject. Could have used some more real world code examples.

Travis Fettig at 12:44 on 15 Nov 2017

Very well organized talk. I can appreciate the time it took to write example code, and look forward to digging into at a later time.

Super job! It might be useful to do more real life hands on practice for implementing the event storming into code.

Joseph Pond at 12:44 on 17 Nov 2017

I thought this was a great talk. I was glad that he didn't go too much into php specific implementations as it gave him more time give an overview of DDD.

I really enjoyed this workshop. I learned a lot of great lessons in defining clear boundaries and creating context-driven terminology for both code and stakeholders. It was also great to see a real world example of how DDD lets you maintain readability and functionality across your entire code base by bounding context into smaller sets.

Brock Boren at 17:49 on 20 Nov 2017

My favorite presentation that I attended this year. Great balance of design knowledge and real-world application.