Building your next mobile app, SaaS product, or web app using an API first philosophy? Already maintain an API and want to step back and think about API design? Join us for a day of hands-on training! We'll build and iterate over a simple API, exploring concepts that give your API a solid foundation: authentication, REST based design and workflows, practical hypermedia, versioning, API request/response formats. Because your API may start out serving the needs of internal mobile clients, or single page web apps, but one day (sooner than you think) you'll be turning it into a public API.


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Fantastic Job. At the end, walk through the code portion as an instructor led exercise

Matthew Krell at 09:59 on 15 Nov 2017

Excellent! Tim was a great speaker. One minor point was that, at times, he might have needed to slow down a little to ensure he could communicate better, the noobs like me in the room had a little hard time keeping up! Other than that, he was fantastic.

Mike Nulph at 09:21 on 16 Nov 2017

Excellent discussion. I learned a lot about API design.

Saresa Smith at 12:18 on 16 Nov 2017

While I did learn a few things about designing an API I really didn't learn how to actually create one. I'm sure that is because my skills were not at the right level to keep up. Nice talk but I wouldn't call it a true beginner class.

Tim's talk really shed light on the benefits of providing a standard API design that clients can leverage for resource discovery, as well as clearly defining what a resource is. I thought the slides were really well put together and well designed. The workshop itself might have benefited from a little more direction in the way of implementation details, but I understand not wanting to enforce a specific paradigm on people.

The walk-through helped. I think it could be improved by maybe setting people up with a basic Slim framework and then building up examples with the attendees. Not having worked with creating APIs from scratch before, it might be interesting to work through building out a basic API together.