Minority Report was a 2002 American science fiction film based in 2054 where police officers apprehended criminals based on predictions and foreknowledge. We are not in 2054 but fast-forward to 2017; we are now closer than ever before to the world imagined in Minority Report because of Machine Learning (ML). ML is a type of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that provides computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. During this talk, the secrets behind ML are uncovered, and attendees walk away with the knowledge to incorporate ML into their own applications.


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This was definitely awesome and I like it a lot. Machine learning is something super interesting and the example given was very interesting also.

Philip Sharp at 09:55 on 20 Nov 2017

Less about the mechanics of machine learning than using available tools, but still very interesting to see it all put together.

I've attended a few different machine learning courses, but this was one of the most approachable "here is what we can do, some high-level principles, a working example, and a discussion about ethics" introductory courses I've ever had the pleasure to attend.

Kesha seemed a little nervous at the start of the talk, but quickly found her stride and built a great rapport with the audience. Granting attendees to her [normally paid] course for free was icing on an already excellent presentation.